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Review of the best Synthetic urines

Fake pee for drug test

Fake pee for drug test

First of all, sorry for the grammatical errors, but english is not my native language. I promise i will do my best.

In order to pass a urine drug test, you will need to brake the law. Using fake pee for drug test and the use of various marijuana cleansing drinks are illegal. However, there is no other way.I wouldn't waste my time with certo and other stupid home remedies. I find it ridiculous when people want to use the certo method to pass a drug test. The only reason certo is popular because its cheap. But its not safe at all, if it would be safe everybody would use certo.

You can learn more about synthetic urine on exit-5.info.

In my opinion synthetic urine is the way to go. There are really high quality synthetic urine brands nowadays, these fake pees can trick any drug tests. They come with all the necessary stuff, such as:


uric acid,urea and other chemicals,it also comes with foam and color. Sub solution is probably the best synthetic urine, beside the perfect balanced fake pee it also comes with heat pads, the urine can reach the right temperature within seconds. You don't have to worry about how to heat the pee before the test, some idiot use microwave, but its just plain stupid, the temperature changes very quickly and it will be cold when the reach the drug testing facility. Or perhaps they take a microwave in the drug testing room, I am not sure.

You should also forget about magnum,P-sure, Monkey Whizz, X stream and other crappy brands. The best synthetic urines are: Sub Solution and Quick Fix. You can also get real human toxin free powdered urine. I like Sub solution because of the heating system, it makes everything so much easier. Its important to mention that this method works if the test is unsupervised, if somebody is standing next to you and starring at your dick then probably using fake pee for drug test is not a good idea.

If the test is supervised you can buy a synthetic urine belt and try your luck with that, or grab some marijuana cleansing drinks. I am not a big fun of cleansing drinks, because every people is different, our smoking habits are also different so we can not expect the same outcome. This is the reason i always recommend synthetic urine, because if the test is unsupervised, you will pass it guaranteed.

No exercise or drinking gallons of water required,much easier and convenient. If you would like to learn more about drug testing i suggest you to check out Michael Boron on youtube.

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